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11th March 2017

Hello, this is my first blog entry for In this article I'm going to briefly talk about myself, concept equals and Abstract Initiative.

Firstly a bit about me. I’ve been independently developing software since 2011, with a focus mainly on games. During the first couple of years I developed a variety of mobile games, these were relatively small productions but made use of a variety of gameplay mechanics. I learnt a lot during this period and decided I wanted a new challenge, so I gradually moved away from mobile and shifted my attention to PC and console development. Making this switch allowed me to experiment with a wider range of gameplay and graphical elements. The past few years have mainly consisted of learning new technologies, developing numerous prototypes and working on concept equals.

concept equals is essentially the company name, however it also acts as a backbone term for all the products that are in development. The name concept equals is at it's core a way to define design decisions here, an example of this was the internal phrase "concept equals building blocks", this was derived from a prototype which allowed the player to lift big objects. Having a simple phrase like this allowed for development and design decisions to stay on a set course. Once the prototype was finalised, "concept equals building blocks" was changed to the final title, Abstract Initiative.

The philosophies behind Abstract Initiative are the same as the ones that run through concept equals. Primarily the goal behind concept equals is to demonstrate a possible real world concept to the player and have them explore it’s strengths/ viability through interactivity. This is something that was baked into the core of Abstract Initiative.

Abstract Initiative is a first person platformer with physics based puzzles, it brings together a design philosophy that blends nature with modern architecture. Abstract Initiative will be the first title to be released under concept equals. Learn more about Abstract Initiative here.

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