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Abstract Initiative
Developer Log 1
12th March 2017

Today I'm briefly going to talk about the conception of Abstract Initiative and a general timeline of development. Originally Abstract Initiative started off as small project which was derived from something bigger, it's development time was meant to be just a weekend. Whilst working on it I noticed the main mechanic (moving objects with a variety of forces) was quite interesting due to the amount of depth it had. So I started to take the project more seriously and created levels and modes which could demonstrate the gameplay possibilities. I spent around 3 months on this and a formed a prototype, this was started in April 2014.

I then went on to develop concept equals, my eventual company. Forming concept equals was important to Abstract Initiative as it brought in a set of philosophies which would influence the design and core message (read more here).

Once concept equals was formed (branding, website and social networks), I decided to go back to working on the larger project that Abstract Initiative was derived from. I developed a bunch of new gameplay and graphical elements and produced a prototype, this took place from August 2014 to January 2016.

Although this project was shaping up quite well, the time needed to complete it had grown. I assessed whether I should carry on or return back to Abstract Initiative.

I made the decision to switch my focus back to Abstract Initiative as I had a hunger to work on it again, I also felt I could get it ready for a release. I took the knowledge and skills I'd learnt from the previous project and integrated it into Abstract Initiative. Due to already having a solid prototype for Abstract Initiative from 2014 I was able to refine it, add 4 modes and develop a UI which was able to handle translations.

In July 2016 I had most of the work complete and started to create media such as screenshots and trailers so I could show Abstract Initiative to the public.

In August 2016 I put Abstract Initiative on Steam Greenlight, fortunately it received enough votes from the community to pass through in around 17 days.

The feedback I received on Greenlight was quite useful too, I took the next month to make some improvements based on it. One thing I noticed whilst on Greenlight was that my marketing could have been a lot better, only people who visited Steam Greenlight or followed me on a social network would have known that Abstract Initiative existed. Realising this I knew I had to significantly improve my messaging, so I spent the next few months learning about marketing and communication.

So now it's March 2017, in a couple of week I'll be entering my final few weeks of crunch for Abstract Initiative. It's going to be interesting.

Learn more about Abstract Initiative here.

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